Sabtu, 23 Juli 2011

I feel it

I was heard some words for nothing.. "If you was concealing your love, some days you can be like a bomb that will explode and you can't hold it".

I feel it, I feel it. I was concealing my love in my deep heart, this is painful for me but I keep my way to love you. Can you see my eyes with your incredible eyes? Can you find my love for you in my eyes?

I met you in my first grade. Oh, what a sorrow love is it! Did you know? Now, I am like a bomb that will explode because I can't hold this again. I don't know what must I do..

Have you read my post? HAVEN'T. I am still waiting that time, that is misterious time. :)

*ps : I am so sorry if my english look so bad, hehe. I am still in the learning process*

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