Selasa, 02 Agustus 2011

my NEW class in 3rd grade

I miss my old class, my XI IPA 1, my "Geraji", all my friends in "Geraji". I miss you all so bad :(

Oke, this is reality. The class changes, now I am not the member of XI IPA 1, I am the member of XII IPA 4. Yeah, that I am, but I remain the member of GERAJI, my lovely GERAJI. muaah :* big kiss, big smile, big hug for you ALL my GERAJI :*

From YELLOW badge to RED badge, from XI to XII. everything change but I am still me. just enjoy it! I love what I am, I love what happened in my life. :)

this is my new class without boys students.. love you all..

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