Sabtu, 17 Desember 2011

hell♥ YOU

this's post not for him, just pict!
Hello you, yaps YOU ☺

This post, just for you ♥

Sometimes I don't know what I feel, and confused of this weird life,
But, I met you and I know this world's so wonderful.

I love your smile, your simple smile that indescribable in your lips,
I love the way you fix your hair,
I love the way you walk and take many steps in your life.
I love all about you, than I know or I don't know.

I know your name, but I don't know you know my name or not,
I know your face, but I don't know you know my face or not.
I looked at you when you had turned and gone away, cause I was embarrassed.
I avoid you when I was too shy to meet you.

I keep myself busy when I'm flustered because of you.
I had to calm my hands are shaking a few moments after meeting with you.

Sometimes we exchange views, then I smiled and laughed as I blushed,
but I don't know what you feel.

I like to see your cute face, boy 16 years old.

sometimes innocence is still etched on your face,
even though know you are not innocent anymore at your age.

In the past, I don't know if he has girlfriend or not
So, I always searching all about that boy,
In facebook, twitter, blogger, and anything else.

Sometimes, I search his name in google ☺

I search all about him because I wanna know about him, all about him.

until one day last night I admire you, I pray to my Lord, Allah SWT.

"Ya Allah, please tell me about his relationship with his girl, show me"

(I find in facebook, that he has relationship with someone, but I don't know that true or false)

I get up from my seat and took off my mukenah, and returned to my desk,
I took my phone, 
then I opened facebook.

I don't know why I opened facebook at that night.

I type his name, then I search his facebook profile.
As usual, I am just look at your facebook profile although there's no changes in your profile.

But, that night is so different.

that night, my prayer directly answered.

collection of words from someone perched on his facebook's wall,

my heart refused, my heart pounding

In that sentence that contained the words "I miss you"

This's clear, I know the answer of my quoestion to my Lord, ALLAH.

It's enough.

Well, I just like you, I don't love you like your girlfriend.

Because I know my Allah known the best for me.

This's first post for you and maybe the last.

Big smile for you, who makes me smile everyday, everytimes, and everysteps in my life.

I am your secret admirer, hihihi ☺

ps: please correct my english word, I'm still learning english, hihi. comment to correct my words. ☺

thanks. ☺

5 komentar:

  1. Koreksi untuk yg lumayan mengganggu:
    1. First I don't "whether the man had been held or not"
    maksudnya apa? kurang jelas..
    setelah "I don't " mestinya verb (i.e Know) please correcting my english word, I'm still learning english, hihi. comment to correct my words. ☺

    Setelah :please + Verb
    -> Please correct my English...dst

    Yang lain kayaknya sudah nggak menggangu.
    dan puisinya keren ya.. thumb up ..

  2. @Nabila 'Babiyl' : thanks my best ☺

    @abi : sudah dibenerin bi ☺ makasih abii :D. thanks my beloved dad ☺ ♥

  3. ehem,siapa itu yang dimaksud ?
    *bingung mau comment apa*

  4. @Aisy :D : siapa aja boleh deh, yang jelas bukan "angtkot" haha ☺


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